Vows of a Pornstar’s Brother.

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“To Protect her from the lustful eyes of society”. That’s the hoi polloi’s vow on every Raksha Bandhan. Have you ever wondered what vows does a pornstar’s brother take? …because…well..the aforesaid mentioned one is ….err….is already breached.”

Scene 1. (Somewhere in Mumbai) It’s Raksha Bandhan today. A girl was preparing the ceremonial thali,clad in a traditional outfit. A little boy asks his mother. ” Why do we celebrate Rakhi?” The mother looks at her daughter with despair (why?),”Son, It is your pledge to protect your sister against the society.”

Few summers down the road, that traditional outfit donning girl has peeled off the cocoon and is widely known as, Cheryln Shopra. Today, on the eve of Raksha Bandhan, MonKeyed Rep is interviewing Perry, her brother, about how was it growing around Cheryln and little tid-nits from her life. Lets listen to Perry…

Rep :”Happy Raksha Bandhan sir, How does it feel to be the brother of such a popular talent as Cherlyn Shopra?”
<<My cameraman Looks sideways>> unsettles the camera. I understood the reason for his uneasiness. I clarified.
“Oh no! Sir…We are interviewing the brothers of some great women who have made a…err… (yeah) ..a ‘mark’ in their field, this Rakhsha Bandhan.” I clarified.

Perry: ” Yeah. I am so proud. It feels awesome. Cherlyn has always been very dedicated. Even during school plays, she used to stay behind the scheduled hour,with some guys……..to practice, he adds. “That was her commitment. Sometimes…there used to be no one. Our schools green room is behind the fields….so, may be, few janitors…but no one else. She, still, used to practice undeterred.  Late night workouts….long Green room session….even sometimes we used to hear her practicing some scenes in our home. That is our Cherlyn. Lovable.

Rep: Awww….That is so sweet!  For today’s Gen C , Cheryln is a role model. Strong and determined. Was there any moment of despair during the period while she was climbing…….uh..err…..the ladder?

Perry: “She has always projected herself as a strong will girl. There was a time during her college days…while she was doing some documentary titled “Who is on Top?”…(Cherlyn told us : It was something about government-party politics……). [For our readers, the ‘play’ “Who is on Top?” can still be viewed at http://www.mykinkyporky.com. It has some weird tags,but then…you know spam and all….so Do Watch]. She got really sick..during its shooting. She became moody. Lethargic. Headaches. Vomits. When Mishian (my mum) found out…she was very angry. She issued a notice to the documentary director(who also happened to be my mum’s ex-boyfriend)….I don’t remember much….but it had something to do with precaution and all…she sent Cheryln away to a distant place. I guess, the production team didn’t maintain the hygienic environment on the sets. My mum was furious. She went to the director’s office. I went along. She was all hyper… “How could you, Ryan? Answer me…After all that we……blah…blah…blah…” She even threatened to sue him. The director was very calm. I found it annoying. He then pulled out some video cassettes from his shelf. Titled :’Ryan and Mishi in the barn’ ‘Ryan-Mishi on the townhill tower. ‘Ryan-Mishi’s Hillside hoots’ and threw it on the table. My mum took her bag and stormed out from the office. That day, I found that my mum,apart from a masseuse, is an athlete too. I mean…., in our town, from the barn to the townhill tower,across the hillside,is no mean feat. Anyway, Cherlyn came back few months later. I guess, PG was the punishment for her. But then, she used to love that school. Cherlyn was heartbroken. Those were few down turns for Cherlyn…for the rest she has always been a flier. Somedays later, I learnt that the warden of that PG has been sacked because of an illicit affair with one of the student. Oh! with such perverts in our society,as a brother, I am very worried for Cherlyn.

Rep: With the recent heat that Cherlyn has been gathering around? How difficult has this been for you to be growing around in an ‘A’ graded environment??

Perry: ‘A’?? That’s the way Government sees this. We make videos showcasing social problems. Realities are harsh. I admit few Rape depicting scenes Cherlyn shot were quite harsh and yes..realistic. But the truth always bites . Don’t you think, society voices must be projected. A mirror must be shown….call of the hour? Before I became her manager, Cherlyn warned me…” Look Perry, working against social issues will crop too many odds for us. There will be hard-ons….i mean…hard-ships. People will call us names. Decorative one…those you dont want to be seen on the wall. But then, once you have embarked on this journey, you must sit tight and hold onto your belief.” I have kept her words as a mantra. There are times, when people smirk at me. They make trolls. But then, that’s the price you pay.  I think it is very noble that your work is waking up the world. Helping them cry out loud. But yes, it took me a lot of time to sit comfortably in a seminar when people have obscene trolls of your sister on their phones.

Rep: What message do you want to send out to other sisters out there, on this Rakhi?

Perry: I believe this notion of ‘Raksha Bandhan’ is a flawed one. It is based on an assumption that a particular section is weaker and the stronger one must protect the other. Dont you think it is a biased notion? Unless we,ourselves,believe in the strength of women ,women empowerment shall remain a fancy topic of belle letters only. I see a small kid, barely 5-6 yrs old accompanying her elder sister for ‘protection’ purpose. How much help will that child be, in time of crisis? My mum always instilled great valour in us. Cherlyn was so brave that she wasnt even afraid of Ricky’s gun. (Ricky is our neighbour’s son….Cherlyn’s age…He had this gun…it was very dangerous. It used to shake vigourously, throbbing…vibrating….moving back and forth.) One day, I found many such guns in Cherlyn’s closet. I guess, she used it to bully guys in her college. So, I want to convey that girls should ensure their safety on their own rather than relying on others. Help Yourselves!

Rep: Lastly, Perry, How do you intend to celebrate this Raksha Bandhan with your sister?

Perry : Oh! It’s going to be fun. Cherlyn is performing today at a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  Just like you get tonsured to support Cancer patients, this is our bit for the poor.It is a ‘Let’s pay respect to the destitute’ function. (that can explain Cherlyn’s revealing outfit circulating the online space), we want to make the deprived feel that they aren’t the only one with no clothes.
I shall be meeting her with a couple of  friends. We have also schedule our meet with a philanthropist Mr. Hug Fuckner. Cherlyn has some sessions reserved to showcase few poor girl snaps from Asia. “He needs to be taken into confidence.” Cherlyn told me last night. She might even stay at his Beverly Hills resort for few days to convince him. I hope, Mr. Fuckner can collaborate to the cause. That’s my sis for you with more work and some more growls…He signs off!!!

And I asked someone to make me a drink. Phew!!

Tying Knotty Knots.

Tying Knotty Knots.


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