Such orphan Lies

I pity the lies veiled by the stench of sour truth.
Air redolent with such tragedy, blames the God for the first whiff!
Such orphan lies!

Gratifying yet ephemeral.
Lies put itself under the hammer. Will there be a buyer? Those masked men and women are invited.
Yet, such orphan lies!

Unperturbed by spasmodic revelation, lies smile at mortal’s tussle.
Dressed in conceit, lies revel in our milieu.
He isn’t shown the door. Yet, he isn’t invited to the table. A corner, perhaps.
Such orphan lies!

Who shall adopt lies? Truth, will you? Will you walk with her in your despotic world?
He did.
And the day he brought her to his home.
He was aghast.
Truth’s lie wasn’t alone.
Everyone had brought theirs.
Such orphan life.

Is your lie an orphan?

Is your lie an orphan?


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