” चंद बातें थी । पन्नों पे बांध रखी थी ।

सोचा तुम आओगी तो होठों पे छोड़ आऊंगा ।

फिर न जाने कैसे ।

ये लफ्ज़ अपने ही होठों से बेगाने हो बैठे ।

शायद वैसे ही, जैसे तुम आयी । चाय पिया । घड़ी देखी ।

और फिर विदा ले लिया । ”



There were a few words that I had kept imprisoned on papers
I thought, when you come by, I would set them free and let them reach my lips
Then, somehow
Those words betrayed my own lips
Perhaps just like how you came, you had your tea, you looked at the watch
and then you bid adieu



Some words are never spoken. I ornament them on some lonely October evenings and then hide them away again.


2 thoughts on “कैद

  1. I signed up on wordpress just so that I could like your poem 🙂 I love it Devansh! I’m gonna say it again – You should write in hindi more 🙂

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