Two hearts hope to complete the reading of Rumi’s couplet one day, they once started. Distanced by their choices, they still hope that the other person finds true happiness and go along painting life with brightest of colors and thickest of brushes. One of the them bids adieu as follows…

कुछ नज़्म जो आधे पढे थे हमने
(अब जो तुम चली गई हो )
सोचा खुद ही खत्म करूँ ।

बहुत देर से ढूंढ रहा हूँ..
मिल नही रही ।

कहीं तुम तो नही पढ़ रही उस किताब को
किसी पेड़ के छाँव में ।
या अपने नए गाँव में ।

कभी भींगती हुई स्ट्रीट लैम्प के नीचे ….
हमारे उस मार्च के याद के पीछे
अकेले । अकेले ।

कहना था बस इतना कि
कई कलेंडर बदल गए हैं …
जिल्द पुरानी हो गई होगी ,
वक्त मिले तो बदल लेना |

Few couplets that were yet to be read
(Now that you are gone)
I thought, would finish them by myself

But I can’t find it..
Have been searching for a while…

Did you take them with you?
Are you going through it now?
Under the shade of some tree
or in your new city?

May be under the moist evening light of the street lamp?
Or hiding behind our memories from the March

Are they being read by just a pair of eyes? Alone?

All I had to say was this…

Many calendars have changed,
The cover would have worn out.
If time permits, get it replaced.



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