आखिरी पन्ना (The Last Page)

A writer falls in love with two characters that he gave birth to. And while he pens their tragedy, he goes through a turmoil. Torn apart between his emotions, he hopes for their union. But the story inked another script. And as he holds the last page, he reflects

ये दो नाम जो इन पन्नों में कहीं बिखर गए हैं

क्या कलम खींचूँ कि साथ हो जाएं

भागती दौड़ती जो ये कहानी है…….खत्म होने चली है

ठहरा हूँ आखिरी पन्ने पर ,

ये जो पलटा , ये नाम यही दफ़्न हो जायेंगे।

गुम हो जायेंगे।

Two names that were lost amidst these pages

What prose should I draw to make them meet?

This story sees its end.

And I stay at the turn of the last page. Scared.

If I turn over this page, those names shall never be found.
Buried. Lost.



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