A night’s labour

Sometimes we give up the trust of the night in the greed of what another day has to offer.
No matter how dark the times are, the night stays with us. Faithful as ever. Should we give up her faith so easily? The dusk makes me ponder as follows:

Few mornings shine
on your selfish heart
and that brutal deserting of the night
which shouldered you amidst the dark
And the night vanished
in one twirl of the curtain
And you let it happen
as you turned over
and kept staring at the clock?

रात की दिहाड़ी

कभी कभी कई सवेरे
ऐसे खुदगर्ज़ बना जाते हैं
रात भर रात जो साथ रही
परदे के टोह से बुझा जाते है
और तुम करवट बदल घडी को ताकते हो ?



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